George Seber

George Seber

George Seber is an Emeritus Professor of Statistics and held the Foundation Chair in Statistics at Auckland University for decades. He has a PhD in statistics and was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society NZ in 1997. 

In 1999 George was awarded the society’s Hector Medal in Information Science. In his later years, George trained as a counsellor at Laidlaw College, obtaining a Diploma in Counselling and has been counselling for 17 years. He is qualified as a supervisor of counsellors and a member of the Christian Counsellors Association.

George is the author or co-author of 17 mathematical statistics books and also has a counselling book entitled Counseling Issues: A handbook for Counselors and Psychotherapists, a Christian apologetics book entitled Can We Believe It?: Evidence for Christianity, and a booklet entitled Coping with Dying: Death of a Loved One.

George has been a member and musician at Windsor Park Baptist Church for many years, and he and his wife ran a divorce recovery programme called New Start there for several years. He is a regular speaker with an apologetics programme called Reasons for Faith.

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