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Josie Pagani

Josie Pagani

Current & International Affairs Commentator

Josie Pagani is a progressive polemicist and commentator, interested in geopolitics, development and economics for working people. Every week you will find her analysing global and local current affairs on leading radio stations and TV or writing about her ideas for principled politics.

In her working life, Josie is the director of the Council for International Development and she operates a boutique public affairs consultancy that helps organisations understand and manage political and social risks. She has been a manager at the OECD in Paris, working on international aid and development, and she was a communications manager for New Zealand’s aid and development agency. She has been a ministerial press secretary and worked in the prime minister’s office.

Born in New Zealand, Josie grew up in the United Kingdom where she went to Warwick University and was an active member of the UK Labour party.

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