Mike Allsop

Mike Allsop

14 Aug 2016

As well as becoming an Airline captain, Mike had the ambition to summit Everest. True to form, he broke the goal down in gaining the necessary skills and experience by testing himself on difficult and potentially hazardous climbs across six different continents.
He has since gone on to conquer numerous other mountains, pitting himself against the limits of human endurance and the unpredictable weather conditions that abound at extreme altitudes.

Mike is also one of a handful of athletes who have ever run 7 marathons in 7 days on 7 continents.  Most recently, Mike returned to the Himalayas to run the world’s highest marathon around Everest – a feat never before attempted.

When Mike’s not captaining a 737 aircraft or planning his next inspiring adventure, he is at home sharing his stories with wife Wendy and their three children Ethan, Maya and Dylan.

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