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Paul de Jong

Paul de Jong

Senior Pastor of the Largest Church in NZ

This Sunday night, John Cowan's guest will be the senior pastor of LIFE, the largest single church in New Zealand.

When Paul and his wife Maree arrived in Auckland with three small boys more than 25 years ago to plant the church that has grown into LIFE, they had no real idea of the adventure they were embarking on. Years on, LIFE today is now a multi-campus, multi-national church built around four focuses; Church, Business, Kingdom, Community, and is committed to seeing its city change.

Paul is innovative and has a strong commitment to seeing God's church become a cornerstone of society while providing relevant answers to everyday people. He is also the founder of a number of leadership networks and a leadership website that continues to inspire and equip people in all aspects of life. Paul's passion and mission is 'to live and lead by example'.

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