Pio Terei

Pio Terei

14 Apr 2013

Pio Terei came to fame in 1995 when, after years as a Toyota car salesman, he landed a comedy show on TV3 called Pete and Pio. He shared the show with fellow comedian Peter Rowley but later hosted his own show, with similar comedic skits, called Pio!. Pio has been in and out of television since and now owns a production company that contributes a lot of work to the Maori channel. He was also acclaimed for his recent role as host of Intrepid Journeys: India.

Pio is a presenter and spokesperson for the Parenting Place. He is passionate about getting The Parenting Show he hosts into as many Maori communities as possible. He believes that if people get together with the goal of improving their parenting skills it will have a ripple effect right across the country.

Pio and his wife Debbie have three boys and live in Auckland. He loves fishing and continues to be highly in demand as an emcee.

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