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Prof Sir Paul Callaghan

Prof Sir Paul Callaghan

Professor Sir Paul Callaghan of Wellington, is one of New Zealand’s most high profile and respected scientists. He has shown outstanding leadership for over 30 years as a scientist, a teacher, a science administrator and communicator. He is currently the professor of Chemical and Physical Sciences at Victoria University.

Sir Paul is a world leading scientist in the fields of nanotechnology and magnetic resonance. His work has put him and New Zealand on the international stage and his CV features an array of honours for his endeavours, including a Knighthood for services to science and NZ’s highest scientific honour, the Rutherford Medal.

As a proponent of bringing science to the people he has appeared in various media outlets simply trying to put forth science in a way that everyone can relate to. Of particular note is Sir Paul’s contribution to Te Reo Physics, a website that introduces the concepts of physics in Maori to secondary school students.

Sir Paul is passionate advocate for addressing and finding ways to reverse the overseas ‘brain drain’. In his view, widening New Zealand’s economic growth engines can be achieved by using science and technology to create industry that is ‘world class and home grown’.

Despite battling an aggressive cancer Sir Paul is still as committed as ever to his passion for science and his vision for New Zealand to become “the most beautiful, stimulating and exciting place to live and work in the world.”

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