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Tim Shadbolt

Tim Shadbolt

Mr Shadbolt has become a New Zealand icon, known for his wide-mouthed smile, sense of humour and standing up for a wide range of social causes.

Tim was born in Auckland and attended Rutherford High School. Later he studied at Auckland University where he majored in History. It was there that he started his student activism and became the editor of Craccum magazine. After leaving university, he started his own concrete contracting business, managed the family orchard and worked for community and political causes.

Tim Shadbolt served as Mayor of Invercargill from 1993 to 1995. In 1998 he was re-elected and is now in his sixth term as Mayor of Invercargill (currently the longest-serving mayor in the country).

Mayor Tim has written on a wide range of subjects - from concrete to film making, as well as two autobiographical books. He spent two years as a newspaper columnist for the Sunday News and is currently a columnist for the Southland Times and the Southland Express newspapers.

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