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Allison Roe

Allison Roe

Allison Roe’s marathon career reached its peak in 1981, when she won both the BAA Boston and New York City Marathons, the latter in a world-record 2:25:29.

Although best known for her marathon success, the versatile Allison also set a world record for 20 km and won the New Zealand cross-country championships. She also won NZ championships in triathlon and the cycling team time trial.

Allison moved into television, becoming a TV Sports presenter and later an independent sports producer. Following this she became a mother of two children and now has two more step-children.

Allison's name has become synonymous with sport, health and fitness - the three areas that she feels passionate about. Allison now devotes her time to helping others have better lives; she raises funds through event production for health education initiatives, and has a manufacturing business making natural, chemical free sun care products.

Allison has maintained an interest and commitment to health and wellbeing, and is dedicated to help other New Zealanders achieve these goals.

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