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Andrew Hunt

Andrew Hunt


Kiwi film-maker, Andrew Hunt has had a diverse and exciting career.

Born in New Zealand in 1968, Andrew’s passion for basketball led him to being one of the youngest players drafted into the Conference Basketball League (CBL). After playing professionally his talents in performance led him to become a touring musician.

Andrew shifted course when he travelled to Egypt to work with Cairo’s urban poor, then to Lebanon to work with an NGO helping those who had lost their sight in war in Beirut, and later Kurdistan where he assisted in delivering medical supplies to villages.

Returning to New Zealand, he taught drama and music until he was offered a job in television in the United States. From there he has written, directed and produced television series, commercials and short films achieving high acclaim in the industry.

Currently working on several feature films, he lives in New York City with his wife Joy and their son Elias.

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