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Bev Adair

Bev Adair

Media Specialist

Bev has worked in the music industry for over 20 years from music management to event coordination, working alongside Ricky Martin, Janet Jackson, Mick Fleetwood, and many more. She has been on the Homegrown Festival team since 2001 and was director for NZ Street Dance for 8 years, developing the talents of many young dancers and facilitating opportunities to dance for Ricky Martin and So You Think You Can Dance US.

Currently specializing in PR, Bev has worked on music releases and booked media tours for many artists including Stan Walker, Tomorrow People, and Tipene Harmer. Although Bev works with a steady flow of New Zealand’s finest talent, she has a keen passion for emerging artists and even dearer to her heart is the overall empowerment of today’s youth. She has facilitated world leadership conferences, spoken in Washington DC as a keynote speaker alongside American Civil Rights Movement activists, and in New York about her involvement with Beyond Water Global, an organization bringing clean water and sanitation solutions to communities in East Africa.

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