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Craig Scott

Craig Scott

Pop Singer

Craig is a former banker from Dunedin who started his music career in the late 1960s. After involvement with the bands Klap and Fantasy, Scott joined the band Revival who won a Battle of the Bands contest in May 1969. Their song Viva Bobby Joe which peaked at #14 on the related singles chart.

After leaving Revival, Craig released a series of commercially successful singles. Smiley reached #3 on the New Zealand pop chart, Star Crossed Lovers (his only number one single), Let's Get A Little SentimentalCiao Baby, and When Jojo Runs. Around 1975, his last single to land high on the charts was Wind and Rain, peaking at #11. He's considered to be one of New Zealand's most successful recording and TV stars and for many years was Managing Director of Warner Bros Video.

These days, Craig works alongside his wife Jo and son Adin selling real estate in Arrowtown and is constantly blown away by the positive response he continues to garner from music fans.

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