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Daniel Flynn

Daniel Flynn

Founder of Thankyou

Thankyou founder Daniel Flynn is passionate about inspiring young people to dream big and accomplish what many may say is unachievable. At the age of 19, Daniel had a major tipping point in his life when he was deeply impacted by a story of a boy in Africa, who spent his whole day collecting water which due to contamination had resulted in the killing of his two younger sisters.

Along with a team of 4 other young Australians, Daniel has led the launch of a brand of bottled water, body care and food products called Thankyou. All of Thankyou’s profits fund projects in developing nations. Thankyou has so far given over $5.8 million to 16 countries, empowering 785,000 people. Whilst volunteering fulltime for Thankyou, Daniel is also finishing his 4-year degree in project management at RMIT University and works a casual job on weekends and evenings selling mobile phones to support himself, his wife Justine, and their new baby.

Daniel was named state finalist for the Young Australian of the Year Awards in 2012.

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