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George Seber

George Seber

Auckland University Emeritus Professor of Statistics

George Seber is an Emeritus Professor of Statistics and held the Foundation Chair in Statistics at Auckland University for decades. He has a PhD in statistics and was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society NZ in 1997. 

In 1999 George was awarded the society’s Hector Medal in Information Science. In his later years, George trained as a counsellor at Laidlaw College, obtaining a Diploma in Counselling and has been counselling for 17 years. He is qualified as a supervisor of counsellors and a member of the Christian Counsellors Association.

George is the author or co-author of 17 mathematical statistics books and also has a counselling book entitled Counseling Issues: A handbook for Counselors and Psychotherapists, a Christian apologetics book entitled Can We Believe It?: Evidence for Christianity, and a booklet entitled Coping with Dying: Death of a Loved One.

George has been a member and musician at Windsor Park Baptist Church for many years, and he and his wife ran a divorce recovery programme called New Start there for several years. He is a regular speaker with an apologetics programme called Reasons for Faith.

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