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Lotta Dann

Lotta Dann


Lotta Dann is a former TV journalist, producer, and director turned author when she got sober in 2011. She became a household name when she confessed on national television in 2014 that she had a drinking problem. Lotta grew up in Christchurch, the second of four sisters. Her dad, leading QC Chris McVeigh, was famed for his role in the iconic Kiwi satirical show, A Week of It.

Lotta’s blog, Mrs D is Going Without, began as a personal diary. The blog became a book of the same name, and then a second book, Mrs D is Going Within, about her inner struggles and becoming emotionally stronger. In 2020 The Wine O’Clock Myth: The Truth You Need To Know About Women and Alcohol followed.

Lotta now manages the highly successful online community Living Sober and works as a Lived Experience Facilitator of Addiction 101 workshops. She lives in the hills of Wellington with her husband and has three sons.

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