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Nadia Lim

Nadia Lim

Celebrity Chef

Nadia won MasterChef NZ series 2 in 2011 and was a clinical dietitian by trade with a special interest in diabetes before winning the competition. She has worked for the Heart Foundation and the Nutrition Foundation and says that she has always ‘been obsessed with food'.

She is the creative behind the My Food Bag concept which brings her basic food philosophy to life. My Food Bag helps to solve the “What’s for dinner?” dilemma for thousands of families across New Zealand and Australia, getting them eating simple, healthy, delicious easy to prepare dinners every night of the week.

Nadia's latest cookbook, titled Nadia's Comfort Kitchen, featured recipes from her television show of its namesake over the lockdown. She has donated $405,000 to charities Women's Refuge and Youthline following a cookbook fundraiser after charities saw a spike in demand since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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