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Nikki Bray

Nikki Bray

Development Coach & Author

Together with her husband Andy, who passed away suddenly in 2018, Nikki has been a Co-Founding Director of FamilyLife NZ, a Christian charitable trust. For 25 years, she has taught healthy relationship skills to couples across New Zealand. Nikki is also an accredited certified life coach, a neuro linguistic programming trainer and a lightning process practitioner.

Alongside Andy, Nikki co-authored a workbook called Putting First Things First and a question card series for parenting and marriage called Small Talk.

In 2008 Nikki was awarded Mother of the Year by TV3 and Kiwi Families. In 2013 Nikki and Andy were recipients of the NZ Christian Network "Unsung Heroes Award", presented at Parliament, and in 2014 Nikki was a presenter at the NZ Christian Network bi-centennial celebration at Waitangi.

Nikki has three children: Natasha, who tragically passed away in the 2008 Mangetepopo canyoning disaster at 16 years old, Olivia and Ben. In her spare time, she enjoys a coffee with friends, bike riding and the New Zealand outdoors.

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