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Pio Terei

Pio Terei

Singer, Actor & Comedian

Pio Terei came to fame in 1995 when, after years as a truck salesman, he landed a comedy show Pete and Pio. He shared the show with fellow comedian Peter Rowley but later hosted his own show, with similar comedic skits, called Pio!

Twice judged best comedy performer at the NZ Film Awards, Pio has also acted in drama film No. 2, and written and acted for anthology series Mataku. In 2009, he took over presenting duties on iconic quiz show It's in the Bag. Later he set off to rediscover Aotearoa on foot, for Māori TV show Te Araroa: Tales from the Trails.

Pio's latest endeavour is the show he's been dreaming of all his life: a weekly entertainment talk show Terei Tonight on Māori TV.

Pio and his wife Debbie live in Auckland.

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