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Roger McEwan

Roger McEwan


Roger McEwan was lucky to be made redundant from his corporate career in 2001 when his son was one and his daughter a small bump. He started a small consulting firm, just himself, and this allowed him to truly achieve work-life balance, enabling him to spend many valuable hours with his children as they grew.

His world lurched once again when his children were six and eight and he found himself a single dad sharing care of his children with his ex-wife.

This book is the result of his journey as a single dad raising his two wonderful, challenging children. Roger has a PhD in management and still runs his own consulting business. Has a part-time role with the local district health board, is writing a management book with a colleague he met during his studies, is collecting material for a sequel to this book, and teaches on the Massey University MBA programme.

Most importantly he is a dad, father, parent, teacher and friend to his two children now aged 17 and 15.

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