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Sam Chapman

Sam Chapman

Local Hero Award nominee

Being a local hero is a family affair for Sam Chapman. He grew up with eight brothers and one older sister – and after 40 years working to help those in need his family just keeps on getting bigger. In Otara he lives in and looks after a cluster of six houses which he calls a "multicultural urban marae" – and everyone is welcome. That open-door philosophy underpins Awhi Community Development which Mr Chapman runs with wife Thelma, helping those who have lost hope or been rejected by society. Maori Party co-leader Tariana Turia nominated Mr Chapman for the Local Hero Award which honours ordinary people doing extraordinary things to make their communities a better place.

The audio from this interview has not been uploaded. If you are keen to have a listen, we can source the recording from our archives and make it available on this page. Simply email and include the name of the guest you'd like to listen to. We will notify you when we've uploaded the recording.

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