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Sarah-Kate Lynch

Sarah-Kate Lynch

Sarah-Kate was born in 1962 in Clyde, Central Otago. She studied journalism in Wellington and now lives in a cliff top house with her husband and dog on the West Coast of the North Island.

Sarah-Kate Lynch spent a good few decades working as a journalist but eventually realised that she enjoyed making things up, rather than recording events accurately. This realisation lead to a slight career change and she now writes novels, enjoying the ‘research’ which takes her all over the world to places like France, Italy, Ireland and New York. She has authored eight novels including well-known titles The Wedding Bees and Dolci di Love. She also writes two columns for NZ Woman’s Day.

She is known and loved for her witty sense of humour and enjoys reading, eating, sleeping and skipping. Although, openly admits that the latter pastime is there simply to avoid appearing as a ‘total slug’.

The audio from this interview has not been uploaded. If you are keen to have a listen, we can source the recording from our archives and make it available on this page. Simply email and include the name of the guest you'd like to listen to. We will notify you when we've uploaded the recording.

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