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Steve Hathaway

Steve Hathaway

Steve is the founder of Young Ocean Explorers which aims to get kids enthused about the beauty and diversity of marine life, with a uniquely NZ focus. The idea formed when Steve helped his daughter Riley make a video about turtles for a school project. 14-year-old Riley went on to co-host the Young Ocean Explorers TV series which screened weekly on ‘What Now,’ NZ’s most popular kids show. Together, they searched for some of the largest, scariest and most incredible sea creatures that live in NZ's ocean.

Steve’s greatest passion is to show off NZ’s stunning underwater world. He has talked at various conferences including Tedx Auckland and was also involved in an expedition to the Kermadecs marine reserve with a group of students through the Sir Peter Blake Trust. His footage has appeared on many international documentaries including the award winning BBC documentary “The Woman Who Swims With Killer Whales”.

Steve is married to Jo, and they have four children.

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