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Susan Morton

Susan Morton

Susan is a specialist in Public Health Medicine and a Senior Lecturer in Epidemiology and Population Health at the University of Auckland. She currently holds a joint appointment as a Clinical Senior Lecturer at the School of Population Health and the Liggins Institute and is currently the Director of a new longitudinal study of NZ children and families, called Growing Up in New Zealand.

Growing Up in New Zealand is New Zealand's contemporary longitudinal study tracking the development of approximately 7,000 New Zealand children from before birth until they are young adults. The study is designed to provide unique information about what shapes children’s early development and how interventions might be targeted at the earliest opportunity to give every New Zealand child the best start in life.

Susan also holds postgraduate qualifications in mathematics and statistics, and is an expert in life course epidemiology. She qualified as a secondary school teacher before transitioning into her medical career. Her major research interests are in maternal and child wellbeing, intergenerational and life course effects on health and development, translational research and economic modelling of life course outcomes.

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