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William Pike

William Pike

William was mountaineering with a friend on Mt Ruapehu in September 2007 when the volcano erupted. He was left with his legs severely crushed under rocks, mud and snow while his friend went for help.

After one of New Zealand’s most daring alpine rescues, William was successfully retrieved and considered by medics lucky to be alive. He suffered from critical hypothermia and had to have his right leg amputated from below the knee. However, this has by no means slowed him down.

William still has a passion for the outdoors and for adventure. He works as a primary school teacher by day but is a much sought after motivational speaker by night. He has recorded his story in his autobiography, Every Day’s a Good Day, and in 2010 the ‘William Pike Challenge Award’ was launched. The award is all about seeing young Kiwis learn and grow in the outdoors.

The audio from this interview has not been uploaded. If you are keen to have a listen, we can source the recording from our archives and make it available on this page. Simply email and include the name of the guest you'd like to listen to. We will notify you when we've uploaded the recording.

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