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Marama Davidson

Marama Davidson

Co-leader of the Green Party

Marama grew up all over Aotearoa. She was born in Auckland and started school in Wellington, later moving to Dunedin, then Christchurch. When Marama was nine her grandfather passed away and her family went to Hokianga to bury him. Her father was so enthralled that he moved the family back there and Hokianga became home for the rest of Marama’s childhood until she moved to Hamilton to start university. She then moved to Auckland to finish her degree and has stayed in Auckland since.

Marama's parents met as young, urban Māori activists; she was literally born into the movement. However, it was Marama’s ten year career at the Human Rights Commission that brought life to her activist and social justice foundations. Marama worked part-time as the Chief Panelist for the Glenn Inquiry into Domestic Violence and Child Abuse and her involvement in the inquiry has placed violence at the forefront of her political radar. She is also an online activist and has a powerful presence on social media, which she sees as a great way to vocalise important issues and to engage with the community. She writes about social justice, Māori politics, women’s rights and more. Marama is passionate about all areas of injustice and is committed to using her voice wherever she can to elevate issues.

Marama currently lives in Manurewa with husband Paul, and is a proud mother to six children.

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