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Rob Harley

Rob Harley

Born and raised in Auckland, Rob has spent nearly 30 years working in TV news and current affairs. During that time, Rob has worked on many different programmes including Frontline and Assignment, as well as making several documentaries.

Those documentaries have taken him to different countries all over the world including Cambodia, India, East Timor, Sudan and Kosovo.

Rob developed a series called Extreme Close Up, which ran on TV One for three seasons, featuring stories of people who had overcome adversity through personal faith and courage.

He has created a raft of DVD resources for churches, starting with a series called Journeys, designed to spark in depth conversation around faith.

Rob has written three books entitled The Power of the StoryThe Power To Go The Distance and Brave, Mad and Memorable.

He has also worked as a communication consultant lending his compelling storytelling expertise to companies struggling to keep up with the changing pace of media in the 21st century.

Rob is married to Alison and they have two children.

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